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About The Column Company

Contemporary Columns, Balustrades, Gate Piers & Urns

The Column Company have been manufacturing traditional and contemporary columns, balustrades, gate piers, urns and other decorative features in New Zealand since 1996. Our exquisite reconstructed stone columns of the Roman and Greek order are unique in New Zealand and can transform a new or existing building into an architectural masterpiece.

Did you know?…​ The ancient Romans were the first to invent concrete and in the first century BC also discovered that by pouring concrete into moulds they could replicate the ornate architectural details of carved marble, granite or stone - but with much less effort and time.

Over centuries we have taken pre-cast concrete manufacturing and moulding to a new level of fine-tuned perfection. Architectural products cast in concrete can now offer all the beauty of natural cut stone but allow much greater versatility in the detailing and finish - without compromising on strength and stability.


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"Fine Columns from the past for the future”